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"Stuck in the South" - Adia Victoria

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Hi! I’m Bunny, and I’m looking for a roommate/roommates in Raleigh, NC (preferably in the North Raleigh/North Hills area, but a location transfer for work may be possible) for the long-term. I’m a 17 year old cafab nonbinary person in a situation which, without getting into too much detail, is detrimental for my mental health and physical safety. I’ve been looking for a while now, but I can’t find any luck so far. I have a steady job and my own transportation and can pay rent and provide for myself. I’m fairly clean, keep to myself, and can cook for others if needed. If at all possible, I’d like a place that is pet friendly— I have one neutered cat who can live with both dogs and other cats, and is very friendly. However, this is not required; I do have a place for him to go should I not be able to bring him with me. If you think you can help me out, please contact me at merrlll.tumblr.com. Thank you! Transgender Housing Network: NEED ROOMMATE(S) — RALEIGH, NC 

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seersucker. or linen. do that dapper southern thing. —i asked beyoursledgehammer what i should wear to speed dating and this is what i got in response (via thekudzuleague)

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She cooks for me
southern style
as if
I’m starving
and this will be the last one
the last meal
the last love
every… time
—Anondra “Kat” Williams

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Welcome to the south


Welcome to the south

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She is my tea before a little water is added and before
the sugar, and well before the lemons that some use
to tease the tea. She is the plucked tea leaf before it’s
dried, rich in smell and texture. I rub her in between my
fingers, like loose tea leaves, smelling the richness of
her slowly seeping upward, nose buried deep, debating
on green or black. She doesn’t mind that I consider her
taste to be bittersweet at times. She knows that tea–
sweet tea and her–I love: variety, herbal and otherwise.
I asked her once why she always licks the tea off my lips
and she said because it tasted sweeter, richer, better
after being tasted by me. I understood.
—"Sweet Tea" by Anondra “Kat” Williams

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Working on a series of typography posters.  

Cary Ann Hearst - American Made Machine

"She was hot, fast, Tennessee trash. Only mentioned love with Jack Daniels and Johnny Cash"

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